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Apache Wells Turf Conversion / Water Conversation Project


On January 1, 2025 the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) will implement the Fifth Management Plan which reflects the state of Arizona’s Groundwater Management Code, moving Arizona towards its long-term water management goals for safe yield.  The 5th Management Plan does not just effect the golf community but also agriculture and industrial users.  Golf in Arizona uses less than 2% of the State’s groundwater but public perception is we use much more.  The desire of the Apache Wells Country Club Board is to be good stewards of our resources and thus have been working with a local golf course architect and irrigation consultant to guide our actions towards compliance with the ADWR 5th Management Plan. This page will be used as an information center for the Apache Wells Country Club Members and Residents of the Apache Wells Community. 


Apache Wells Turf Conversion Plan GBGD

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