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1st Open Golf   8:00am
1st AWWGA   12:30pm
2nd Open Golf   8:00am
2nd Open Golf   12:30pm
2nd Live Music in Bar & Grill   6:00pm
2nd Harry Matthews   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
3rd Open Golf   8:00am
3rd Open Golf   12:30pm
4th Open Golf   8:00am
4th Open Golf   12:30pm
5th Ladies Team Play   7:00am
5th Open Golf   8:00am
5th AW Couples Golf   12:30pm
6th Open Golf   8:00am
6th AW Men's Golf   12:30pm
7th Open Golf   8:00am
7th Board of directors MTG   8:30am
7th Nine Hole Golf   12:30pm
7th Open Golf   3:00pm
7th Special Bylaw Meeting in Hall   3:30pm
7th Karaoke B/G   6:00pm
8th Open Golf   8:00am
8th AWWGA Bus. Mtg.   11:15am
8th AWWGA   12:30pm
8th Shrine Lunch   12:30pm
9th Open Golf   8:00am
9th Open Golf   12:30pm
9th Live Music in Bar & Grill   6:00pm
10th Open Golf   8:00am
10th Open Golf   12:30pm
11th Open Golf   8:00am
11th Open Golf   12:30pm
12th AW Couples Golf   12:30pm
13th Open Golf   8:00am
13th AW Men's Golf   12:30pm
13th Dance A>H> DDK Band   7pm
14th Open Golf   8:00am
14th Business Mtg.   11am
14th Nine Hole Golf   12:30pm
14th Open Golf   3:00pm
14th Karaoke B/G   6:00pm
15th Open Golf   8:00am
15th AWWGA   12:30pm
16th Open Golf   8:00am
16th Open Golf   12:30pm
16th Eide Snowbird A. H.   5:00pm
16th Larry Charon-Live Music in Bar & Grill   6:00pm
17th Open Golf   7:00am
17th Eide Snowbird   11am
18th Open Golf   8:00am
18th Open Golf   12:30pm
19th Open Golf   8:00am
19th AW Team @Painted Mt.   8:00am
19th AW Couples Golf   12:30pm
20th Open Golf   8:00am
20th AW Men's Golf   12:30pm
21st Open Golf   8:00am
21st Board of directors MTG   8:30am
21st Nine Hole Golf Fall Mixer   12:30pm
21st Open Golf   3:00pm
21st Karaoke B/G   6:00pm
22nd Office Closed for Thanksgiving  
22nd Open Golf   8:00am
23rd Office Closed for Thanksgiving  
23rd Open Golf   8:00am
23rd Open Golf   12:30pm
23rd Larry Charon-Live Music in Bar & Grill   6:00pm
24th Open Golf   8:00am
24th Open Golf   12:30pm
24th WelcomeBack/Christmas Dance   7pm
25th Open Golf   8:00am
25th Open Golf   12:30pm
26th Open Golf   8:00am
26th AW Couples Golf-Lil Abner   12:30pm
27th Open Golf   8:00am
27th Open Golf   12:30pm
28th Open Golf   8:00am
28th Nine Hole Golf   12:30pm
28th AWWGA   12:30pm
28th Open Golf   3:00pm
28th Karaoke B/G   6:00pm
29th Open Golf   8:00am
29th Wine Tasting   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
30th Open Golf   8:00am
30th Open Golf   12:30pm
30th Larry Charon-Live Music in Bar & Grill   6:00pm
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